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Top Nigerianlized Ideas for Storage Bins and Baskets

Updated: May 5, 2020

Storage bins, baskets and boxes are a great way to complement your space as they are not just containers for keeping random items but functional pieces that can add class, style and beauty to any space. Check out how I use these items in my home...

Closet organiser

I use them to organise my natives including iro and buba, skirt and blouse as well as geles. Prior to this discovery, I stacked up these wears in my closet and I always had to reorganise that section of my closet once I take out any attire. But with this organisational solution, I am able to pick out attires easily and add function, comfort and style to my closet.


Pantry/store organiser

Use them to add a tidy look to any space including the pantry. I use them to organise my food items, appliances, supplies, as well as other items that I do not want to display or keep in my kitchen.


​Kitchen appliances / drawer organiser

My kitchen is quite small, so I am unable to keep all my kitchen appliances in my cabinets away from dusts and spills. However, I store them in storage baskets on the top-most level of my pantry shelf. Also, the baskets are clearly labelled for ease of identification.

Use a shallow basket to organize kitchen tools for tidy drawers/ cabinets.


Fridge and freezer organiser

I used the small storage baskets in my fridge and freezer to organise small but easily disorganised items such as condiments, pure water sachets, vegetables, packets, etc. This will also save valuable real estate space in your refrigerator.


​Under the sink organiser

Under the sink cabinet is perhaps the most difficult space to organise and it is also advisable to only keeps items that will not be affected by spills. So, I keep my cleaning supplies (arranged in a storage basket) as well as large bowls in this space.


Jewelry organiser

I use a compartmentalised storage box to organise some of my jewelries. This is kept on my dresser.


​Picture organiser

Boxes are an inexpensive way to store your pictures especially large pile of random and loose pictures and preserve your memories. Although, i still need to sort through this pile but that's for another day :).


Shelf organiser

You can keep your bookshelves in check with boxes, baskets and bins. I use storage boxes to organise extra reading materials, used journals, project folders, media items, printing papers, etc. You can add labels to the storage solution for easy identification.


Media organiser

You can keep media equipment in attractive boxes to add both style and function to your space.


Bathroom and laundry rooms organiser

Bathroom and laundry rooms require a lot of storage space for supplies. I use this small storage basket in my laundry area to keep pegs and random items from cloths prior to putting them in the wash.


​​Collected look creation

I use a collection of storage bins and baskets to keep things organised around my home.


Add function, style and flair to your space with our decorative storage bins and baskets...