About ArtNaturals 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser

After a hectic day, walking into a home that smells enchanting immediately de-stresses you. The Aromatherapy Diffuser uses silent ultrasound vibrations to mist essential oil throughout one room or the whole house (or office). No heat is used, making it safe for kids and pets, and the redesigned, sculptural Oil Diffuser glows with coloured LED light.

Use our New Essential Oil Diffuser’s aromatherapy to fight the effects of nausea, nosebleeds, dandruff, joint pain anxiety, nasal and also chest congestion. The Diffuser also uses patented ultrasonic technology to deliver a safe, heat-free and smoke-free mist. Sonic vibrations silently create an ultra-fine mist.

Choose from seven soft, LED colours to set the perfect mood for you and your guests. The “auto off” function allows you to leave your diffuser unattended. Just add a few drops of one of the essential oils to the water reservoir, turn on the Diffuser—and relax.

The “auto off” function also allows you to leave your diffuser unattended. Just add a few drops of your favourite oil to the water reservoir, turn on the Diffuser—and relax.


This Aroma Diffuser is soundless until turned on and has a multitude of uses and benefits for every occasion!

  • Unwind: One of the best and most well-known uses of diffusing essential oils is to help you unwind at the end of a long hard day.
  • Boost Mood: Just as a diffuser can help you to de-stress, they can also be used to boost mood and inspire positive energy
  • Create Ambiance: Diffusing essential oils or a blend of different essential oils can help create any ambience. Use any of the unique aromas to create romance, adventure, a tropical oasis and more.
  • Breathe Easy: Essential oils that have a cool or citrusy aroma are great for a stuffy nose and promoting a clean and healthy airflow.
  • Focus: Using essential oils in a diffuser is a great way to supercharge your brain. The oils in the air will help sharpen thoughts and inspire motivation and clarity.
  • Safer then Candles & Incense: With an essential oil diffuser, you can reap the benefits of aromatherapy – and to much greater effect – without the risk of burns, wax spills, or other accidents and hazards


Key highlights

  • 5.0 Fl Oz / 150ml Tank
  • Art Naturals’ Essential Oil Diffuser creates aromatherapy in your home, office, gym or patio.
  • Silent, no-heat ultrasonic technology delivers safe, heat-free and smoke-free mist.
  • Distributes the many therapeutic benefits of essential oils for deep relaxation and hydrating humidifying.
  • Sleek, sculptural 150ml Aroma Diffuser glows with seven colour choices of soft LED light.
  • Cruelty-free.

ArtNaturals Essential Oil Diffuser, 150ml (Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier – Adjusta

SKU: 100234
₦21,500.00 Regular Price
₦19,350.00Sale Price
Colour: Brown

Made With Bpa-free Materials.
Essential Oils not included.
Accessories: Ac Adapter, User Manual

• Remove Diffuser top and fill water reservoir to the line.
• Add 5-6 drops of essential oil to the water reservoir.
• Replace top and turn on the power.
• The mist begins to flow almost immediately.
• For instructions on using timer, light, Bluetooth connection, clock and alarm, please consult directions included with Diffuser.

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