• Bamboo is better than maple to provide you with a long-lasting chopping board that will never crack or split, and for your family and friends may be moisture-proof to ensure the best tasting food
  • This oversized and thick cutting board is durable and long lasting. It is made of the highest quality of organic bamboo. This chopping board is almost unbreakable. No cracks or small food fibers will appear
  • Bamboo chopping boards provide quality and specialized solutions for everyday kitchen tasks such as slicing, dicing, dicing, cutlery and even a more appealing way to be fruit, vegetable, vanilla or boneless
  • It is easier to air dry than wood cutting board with warm water and soap and cleaning. This fascination makes this chopping board a gift for a variety of occasions such as weddings, black Friday, Christmas gifts, birthday party.
  • Our environmental friendly dyes are formaldehyde-free and the cutting board is made of 100% organic cotton bamboo charcoal to naturally resist bacteria.

Bamboo Chopping board 3 piece Oval by Noon East

SKU: 101411
₦19,500.00 Regular Price
₦17,550.00Sale Price
  • Small: 1XChopping Board (28x20x1.2 cm),
  • Medium: 1XChopping Board (33x24x1.2 cm), and
  • Large: 1XChopping Board (38x28x1.2 cm).