Do you also have to look around for the necessary cutlery and utensils to make the evening’s dinner a reality? With this cutlery tray, you stay organised, while the bamboo adds a warm, natural feel to the kitchen.


Makes it easier to keep your cutlery and utensils organised, so you can quickly find what you need in the kitchen drawer and start cooking. Looks after your cutlery and utensils and prevents them from getting scratches or other damages in the drawer.

Bamboo Cutlery Tray by Noon East

SKU: 101445
₦2,200.00 Regular Price
₦1,980.00Sale Price
Colour: Bamboo
  • Provides a tidy look to drawers to keep large kitchen utensils neat and tidy
  • Recessed top edges have stacking capabilities so you can mix and match this bin with others to maximize your storage space
  • The natural grain pattern of bamboo lends a modern look to your kitchen
  • The bamboo construction lends a strong, reliable storage place that safely keeps items organized
  • Use them side-by-side or arrange them vertically to make the most of these modular organizers while adding a touch of modern flair to any storage area