The kitchen tools combo from IKEA comprise:

  • Peeler: Use for all major peeling job around the kitchen.
  • Potato peeler: Use the sharp edge to remove blemishes/potato eyes from the potato.
  • Digital timer: Easy to read and hear with flexible placements and magnet on the back – sticks to a fridge etc.
  • Pizza cutter: This pizza cutter comes with a comfort-shaped soft-grip handle and strong stainless steel construction and generous wheeled blade.

Key highlights

  • Product dimensions

    • Length:

      • Peeler: 12 cm
      • Potato peeler: 19 cm
      • Digital timer: Height: 2 cm and diameter: 8 cm
      • Pizza cutter: 17 cm
  • All tools are dishwasher-safe except the digital timer
  • Digital timer requires batteries (1 LR03 AAA 1.5V)
  • Food preparation with ease

Kitchen Tools 4-Piece Combo, White – IKEA

SKU: 100350
₦9,250.00 Regular Price
₦8,325.00Sale Price

Peeler and potato peeler:
ABS plastic, Stainless steel

Pizza cutter:
Handle: ABS plastic
Rivet/ Blade/ Crank/ Protecting plate: Stainless steel

Digital timer:
Basematerial: ABS plastic
Magnet: Neodymium

No BPA (Bisphenol A) added.