The TOLSBY Frame for 2 Pictures, White, 10×15 cm from IKEA allows you to display one picture on each side as the frame has no back panel. You can easily change the picture by sliding up the front panel and insert the picture.


“The special thing about TOLSBY frame is that it has two sides, so you can have a picture facing each direction. You can choose a picture according to the mood you’re in – and quickly change by turning the frame. Plastic is used as the material because it can be formed in endless ways. That makes it possible to separate the frame from the foot and pack it in a flat package. This way, the frame takes less space to transport, which is good for both the environment and the price!”

TOLSBY Frame for 2 Pictures, White, 10×15 cm – IKEA

SKU: 100101
₦2,200.00 Regular Price
₦1,980.00Sale Price
Colour: White
  • Display one picture on each side
  • Easily change picture by sliding panel
  • Dimension of 10×15 cm
  • Functional and decorative
  • Value for money
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