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How to Create a Stylish Yet Kid-friendly Space

Updated: May 5, 2020

You do not have to sacrifice style for function in order to have a family/kid-friendly space. With the tips below, you can create a space that will inspire you while making even your toddler comfortable.


The upholstery

Choose stain-resistant fabric (for example, leather, microfibre and denim) for your couches, slipcovers, sofas, dining chairs and your upholstered furniture in general. You do not have to purchase dark upholstery for a kid-friendly space although darker coloured ones might be more resistant to stains than lighter ones. When choosing lighter coloured upholstery consider protecting it with slipcovers and other sofa protectors.


The coffee table

Choose an upholstered ottoman instead of a traditional rectangular coffee table to kid-proof your space and protect your little ones from getting bumped against the coffee table. You can also consider using easily washable fabrics like vinyl to protect against wear as ottomans are one of the heavily used items around the home.


The flooring

Carpets, rugs, wood and vinyl made from natural fibres are the best options for a kid-friendly space. Adding floor cushion to your space will also give your kids a soft place to land by giving that extra protection to their knees, head and hands.


The storages

Storage bins and baskets are a most for kid-friendly space. You can easily put away the toys, while still making them accessible to your kids. Choose soft textured fabrics or soft woven bins and basket to make them safe around your kids. The bins and baskets will add both function and style to your space.


The colour palette

Living in a home with children does not necessarily mean you have to go dark on your colour scheme. You can make your space chic and fashion-forward by starting with neutrals such as white, grey and beige. You can then incorporate your favourite colours including yellow, teal, peach, mint, aqua, etc. through accessories, artwork, pillows, etc.


The wall

Choose a wipe-clean or washable paint. Kids will always touch and stain the walls and this does not need to be a bother if you have kid-proofed your walls. You can easily remove most stains from paint colour in satin, eggshell, semi-gloss and other washable flat paints.


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